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a-amylase export to south africa 201703

a-amylase export to south africa 201703




The product is a bacterial amylase preparation derived from Bacillus licheniformis extract. It has good tolerance to high temperature, can be widely used in manufacture of alcohol, brewery, vinegar, soy sauce, textile, dye and printing, papermaking etc.

The enzyme is an endo enzyme it hydrolyzes the α-1,4-glucosidic linkages of gelatinized starch randomly to soluble dextrins, reducing the high viscosity of the starch slurry. Oligosacchcarides dextrin are also produced.


1, Effective temperature 55-100℃, optimum 85-95℃. The enzyme still retains activity at 100℃. The sudden temperature up to 105-110℃ on spray liquefaction.

2, Effective pH 5.0-8.0, optimum pH 5.8-6.5.


Enzyme Activity Definition


The amount of enzyme needed to hydrolyze 1mg of starch in one minute at pH 6.0, 70℃



1, In brewing of beer, after completely blend with accessory materials such as corn starch, rice and barley etc. In cereal cooker and water in the proportion of 1:3-5, add the enzyme in one batch in the rate of 0.3L/t for 20000u/ml. Raise the temperature to 92-97℃, keep for 20-30 minutes. Raise temperature to 100℃ when iodine test show reddish-brown.

2, In manufacture of alcohol, add the enzymes in the rate of 0.3L/t for 20000u/ml at pH 6.0-6.5, stir and raise the temperature to 100±5℃,keep for 100 min.

3, In manufacture of starch sugar or gourmet powder, add the enzymes in the rate of 0.6L/t( base on 40000u/ml) at pH 6.0-6.5, raise the temperature to 100±5℃, keep for 30 min at 95-100℃ or 60-120 min at 95℃ if steam(105℃) injection method is used.

4, In textile desizing, the recommended optimum dosage(base on 20000u/ml) are as follows: immersion method dosage: 2.0-6.0(ml)/L.pH6.0-7.0, at 85-95℃, for 20-40 min. Continuous steam method dosage:4.0-10.0g(ml)/L pH6.0-7.0, at 95-105℃, for 10-15 min.


Package and storage

Plastic drum is used for liquid type, plastic weave bag is used in solid type. This product is organic biochemical substance, high temperature, strong acid and strong alkaline will cause inactivation, so please avoid exposure to sunlight when being transported.

Solid enzyme should avoid direct sunlight and rain. It should be kept in clean, cool and dry place. 



1,Avoid inhalation, prevent it from getting in touch with mucosa and skin, if do, please wash by water instantly.

2,Please use asap after opening,or seal the rest.

3,Avoid raining or solarization while storage and also prohibits to mix with poison and harmful products while storage and transportation.

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